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Product images with unnecessary backdrop often irritate the viewers. On the other hand, when you have a clean, crisp, and simple background, it is more likely to please buyers. As you can remove background from photos in post-production, there’s no need to spend money on pricey white backdrops. Our background removal service will ensure your product images are isolated from the distracting contexts and placed on a visually appealing background. This way, your images will get more likes and sales. If you are a product photographer looking for ways to convert more clients, creating a portfolio using images with transparent/PNG background might help. On top, it will make your clients happy as eCommerce stores with white background images attract more customers.

How Do I Remove Background From Images?

Background removal from images is as easy as making a cup of tea. But who do not know how to do it can be confused with the Photoshop terms. Various tools and tactics like Pen tool, Magic wand tool, clipping path, photo masking, background manipulation, and so on make background removal easier. 

However, if you want to remove background from images, you need to have Photoshop installed. You can use other alternatives, but this tool makes it super-efficient. 

You can use the Pen tool from Photoshop to select the area you want to keep or remove. Once you create enough anchor points surrounding the targeted area, add it to a new layer. From there, you can save it as a separate entity or add other elements depending on your needs. To learn precisely how to remove background from product images, please read our in-depth guide. 

Talking about tactics, you have two primary options to remove the image’s background.

Background Removal Service (1) Background Removal Service (1)

1. Clipping path:

This creative process of background removal uses the Pen tool and isolates items from the context. However, you cannot apply this procedure to all of your product images. Some products with hairy elements, transparent bodies, and non-solid objects like fire, wool, etc. require the Clipping Masking technique. So, if your images have hard corners, tangible shapes, and easy-to-understand edges, the clipping path is your go-to option. 

2. Clipping mask:

As stated before, you need to use this technique to isolate background from fuzzy items. Although you can use the clipping path method to do this, it won’t be feasible. Again, the edges will look blunt and unattractive. As a result, your products will get fewer hits. 

Background Removal Service Background Removal Service (1)

Why Background Removal Service Is Essential In E-commerce?

Shopping online is different from conventional shopping traits. You cannot examine what the product feels like in an online scenario. All you can do is take a look at the display image and add it to the cart. Hence, the photos need to be detail-oriented. Better quality images with zero visual distraction ensure the most engagement. Therefore, online retailers prefer product images with distraction-free backgrounds. And this can be achieved through professional background removal services. 

Besides, most e-commerce platforms like AmazonAlibabaShopify, etc. recommend using clean product images. In most cases, you cannot sell your products if you do not comply with the rules. 

A white or neutral background makes the main product look pop. You can examine even the most subtle details. So, you can determine the actual look of it just by looking at the display images. When you use a colored background, the chances are, your buyers won’t be able to enjoy the details of the product. 

And if there are many props along with the product, it will be hard to concentrate on the main product. As per the law of attraction, your buyers may get diverted to other elements making your product less significant. 

Why Background Removal Service Is Essential In E-commerce?

We house some of the most talented photo editors in our company. They are professional, experienced, and highly skilled. So no matter how complex your product outline is, be it a bicycle with hundreds of edges and holes or a simple packaging, we can quickly remove backgrounds.

Convenient Pricing:

Besides, our pricing plan will make sure your budget fits perfectly regardless of quantity and turnaround. As our product photo editors are highly experts, they will ensure fast delivery and so do we. Even though our simple product images background removal service pricing starts from US$ 0.35/image, for bulk quantity, we offer great discounts. 

Unrivaled Quality:

We ensure the best quality photo editing service at the most affordable prices. All of your images go through our rigorous quality checking system. So, you will get only the best quality images without any doubt. 

Privacy Policy:

Pixel Photo Editing believes in utmost data privacy. We do not reuse, share, or even store your images without your written consent. So, when you forward your images to us for editing, you can be assured of their security. In addition, our non-disclosure policy makes sure your personal and clients’ information is safe with us for eternity.  

If you are looking for a reliable product photo background removal service provider, don’t hesitate to give it a try. For a quick quotation, please follow the quotation link. To test our product image editing service, submit 1/2 images, and we’ll do it for free. 

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