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Let’s clear one thing out: you cannot achieve your sales target without lifelike product images. Images with real-life features make the most sales. In an online scenario, a natural-looking product image is your key to escalated sales. 

A natural shadow is such a lifelike feature that elevates the product image’s likability among the buyers. If your product image does not contain a natural shadow, we can help you get that at a reasonable price

Our Photoshop shadow making services are catered to your unique needs. So, no matter how complex your product photos are, our expert shadow making professionals will add a natural or drop shadow that boosts visual appeal instantly. 

Why Is A Shadow Making Service Necessary?

Online buyers are getting smarter day by day. Now they are way too visual and always look for sophisticated product images. At the same time, they prefer natural-looking images that give a vibe of the original texture and outlook. 

When a product photographer takes photos, the most common challenge he faces is keeping the natural look of the products. As he uses certain methods to control the lights and highlight essential features, the images often lose their appeal in raw format. To make them more lucrative to the buyers, he tweaks the background and introduces changes to the main body. In some cases, a little shadow beneath enhances the credibility of the image to several levels.

But obtaining the natural shadow in an outdoor environment or even in a controlled situation can be tedious. Therefore, professional photographers use Photoshop drop shadow making services. 

With the help of a reliable photo editing agency, reflection shadow making becomes easier and feasible. 

Reflection and Shadow Service Reflection and Shadow Service

As it costs only a few cents but multiplies the values, using a drop shadow making service is necessary. Be it for an online product gallery or modeling portfolio with creative images, Photoshop shadow making services can help you generate gorgeous images and attract more prospects.

Types Of Photoshop Shadow Effect

Drop Shadow: 

One of the most popular shadow effects that give the impression that your product is hovering over the surface. Photoshop drop shadow making services mostly benefit online retailers by elevating their products appeal and credibility. If you want to add a similar effect to your online products, please feel free to place an order

Natural shadow: 

The natural shadow effect depends on the light source. Similar to a real-life scenario, the shadow forms behind the object. It creates an appealing visual effect that makes the buyers believe that the photos are taken for real. 

As it helps create emotional bonding with the brand and the products, eCommerce retailers and professional product photographers leverage this tactic to boost sales. We have in-house expert natural shadow making professionals. So, if you are planning to hire a reliable shadow making service agency, know that we are just a click away!

Cast Shadow: 

Product photos often need to work on the backgrounds in the post-production. In doing so, already existing shadows can get distorted or displaced. However, using the cast shadow preserving technique, you can keep the original shadow yet remove or change the background. Our Photoshop experts can keep the main shadow and enhance its visibility by changing opacity and depth. At the same time, we can remove the background to give the product a crispier view. 

Reflection and Shadow Service Reflection and Shadow Service

Reflection Shadow: 

Reflection shadow making services enhance the image’s visual perspective. It creates a shadow at the bottom of the product. Instead of a dark area, a reflection shadow creates a blurred replica of the product at the bottom. It gives you an impression that the item is placed in a mirror or hovering over a waterline. 

With years of expertise in product photo editing and retouching, we can effectively create reflection shadows in Photoshop. The white background behind the product intensifies the shadow and also— makes it easier to create. Try our shadow creation services to get an idea about our quality. 

Drop Shadow Making Service at Pixel Photo Editing

Our shadow creation service is catered to your individual needs. We know what it takes to add different shadows to different objects. Therefore, we approach each category without following a one-size-fits-all technique. 

We have the best in-house Photoshop experts in our team. As we train our designers periodically, they are updated with the latest trends. Be it a drop shadow, reflection shadow, or cast shadow— our photo editors will add the most appropriate shadow to your product images, making them shine. 

If you have a bulk amount of product images and struggling to do them by yourself, we can help. Our pricing is very reasonable, and we are lightning-fast. To learn more about our pricing and delivery policy, get an instant quote

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