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The E-commerce system is here to stay. Either you prepare yourself according to the trend or fade away like a foggy morning clears up when the sun rises. Enough with the fun. Let’s see some statistics. 

According to the data company Statista, global e-commerce retail is expected to grow over 6338 billion in US dollars. However, back in 2014, it was around 1336 billion US dollars. Quite a whopping number to overlook. To hop on the train, the first step is to switch online. If you are already online, the next step should be to optimize your product images. With the product photos, the potential is endless. And if you are looking for the best photo editor, look no further. We provide the best eCommerce product photo editing services, regardless of volume and turnaround.

What Will You Get From Our Bespoke E-commerce Product Photo Editing Services?

As we offer everything customized, you’ll get a full-fledged product photo editing service at the best prices. From the long range of photo editing styles and techniques, we offer the below image post-processing solutions. 

1. E-commerce Platforms Optimization: 

Almost all of the online marketplaces are somehow regulated by a few e-commerce platforms. The small businesses that operate online use those platforms as their gateways to go live. 

However, those platforms (e.g. Amazon, eBay, Shopify, etc.) have their own rule of engagement. Failure in maintaining those regulations can put your shop on a banning list. So, you need to optimize your product photos according to their standard. Not likely they recommend those rules out of nowhere. They only recommend rules which favor the customers online.

So, to attract the school of active customers, you need to optimize your settings accordingly. And professional companies like us provide the best e-commerce photo editing and optimization services at affordable costs. 

E-commerce Photo Editing Service E-commerce Photo Editing Service

2. Magnifier Tool Optimization: 

There is hardly any customer who won’t enlarge a product’s picture before buying it. But if you do not optimize your images accordingly, the buyer won’t be able to do that. And certainly, a customer will not make a purchase if he fails to look into it thoroughly. Moreover, the 3D version of a product’s image enhances its popularity and credibility. When you allow your customer to view a product’s photo in 360 degrees, he will love it and obviously buy it. 

3. Clipping Path Image Background Removal:

E-commerce product image editing services can optimize your images for online marketplaces. Various e-commerce platforms like Amazon, eBay, and Shopify recommend special features to the product images. With our manual clipping path services, you can add a white background, remove background, resize and change the color of the products. 

4. Clipping Masking PNG Background:

The most prominent feature of eCommerce photo retouching service is the ability to change the background without harming hairy or woolen objects. Objects like a teddy bear, models with stranded hair, translucent clothes, and so on obstacle the editor to isolate the background. In that case, clipping masking offers scopes for background extraction without ruining the edge.

5. Ghost Mannequin & Apparel Product Photo Editing:

Clothing items have a significant demand in the e-commerce industry. Thousands of clothing brands sell products online. But without distract-less product photos, it is hard to attract buyers. Our apparel product photo editing services help brands to remove clothing wrinkles, remove mannequins, and fix imperfections.

6. Drop Shadow Creation & Reflection:

Without shadows, product photos lost their appeal. To retain originality and give it a natural look, you can add drop shadows to the products. Similarly, to add a 3D effect, reflection shadows can come in handy. We offer the best e-commerce image editing services including shadow creation. To optimize your salable product images, contact us and get delivery in 24 hours or less. 

7. Crop and Resizing:

Ecommerce websites become heavier with every new product added to the list. But this is ominous for the loading speed as well as SEO. Resizing the images can be a good option unless it degrades the quality and this is where we strive for. Our photo resizing service will reduce the weight but keep the quality intact. So, you’ll have room for uploading new product images without being worried about the loading speed. 

Similarly, to make images look centered and pop, eliminating unnecessary areas by the border is crucial. To do so, our expert photo editors crop images keeping the alignment perfect. As a result, it looks refined and becomes a center for attention.

8. Jewelry Items Editing:

Just as you know, jewelry products are sensitive to lights and reflect lights randomly, it create distractions. Even after taking cautious measures, product images may look overexposed or burnt due to reflections. Our top-notch jewellery photo editors and retouchers can remove reflections, retain the original color, clean dust, and fix blemishes.

E-commerce Photo Editing Service E-commerce Photo Editing Service

Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ

We’ve gathered some of the burning issues that you asked about our e-commerce product photo editing services. If you don’t find yours on the list, please don’t hesitate to knock our customer service team. 

1. Do you edit photos besides e-commerce products?

Of course, we edit a wide range of photos, including modeling photo, car and automobile photo, real estate, wedding photo, and many others. To edit your photos at the best price, submit your order here.

2. What quality do you guarantee for online product photo editing services?

No matter how complex your editing requirement is, our expert graphic designers will make sure you get the best output. We look closely at every corner and curve so that nothing slips through our eyes. As a result, you get flawless image editing at any cost. 

3. Why should I take your services?

We strive for the best quality and a fast turnaround is our promise to you. On top, we ensure cost-effectiveness and the larger volume you have for editing, the more you get discounts. Besides, we have top-notch customer support teams to assist you with any of your queries. Last but not least, we give priority to your privacy and do not share or use your images without your consent. 

4. Why should I edit e-commerce product photos?

E-commerce product photos represent the actual products. Unlike brick-and-mortar stores, online shops display products virtually. Images play a crucial role in determining the audience’s buying decision. Without enticing images, the chances are your products will remain unsold. When you edit your product photos from a professional image editing and retouching company like us, they look appealing and attract more buyers. As a result, sales skyrockets bringing revenue to your pocket. 

5. What benefits do you offer?

Apart from ensuring top-quality photo editing, we offer free trial services to new clients. At the same time, we allow flexibility to our regular clients in terms of payments. Not necessarily, you have to pay in advance and instantly. Moreover, you can pay us weekly, bi-weekly, and even monthly. 

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