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In this era of e-commerce, advertising has changed its style. In contrast to local shops around the corner, online apparel stores display images to attract buyers instead of real products. However, apparel images with dummies inside lose their appeal as they create distractions. To avoid such unfortunate conditions, Photoshop ghost mannequin service is the most feasible option you have. Through the masterful selection of the mannequin, expert photo editors make it vanish, creating a product-only, highly enticing visual. On top, the neck joint service adds the missed portion around the neck part while photographing. Together, garments product photo editing services create distraction-free, visually appealing, and salable product images.

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Why clothing images without mannequins make more sales?

Apparel products in naked view get the most clicks. The rule is simple, with only the product left in the frame, what else to look for? That is, there’s nothing to distract a viewer when you are showing clothing images after cropping out the dummies. As a result, the buyers focus entirely on the subtle details of the product. And if the quality is up to the mark, it goes directly to the cart. 

The Importance Of Ghost Mannequin Services

However, the above discussion is way too general. Let’s find out more about why buyers prefer product-only images to anything else. 

1. Eliminate Distractions:

When you are removing the dummy from an image, you are erasing possible distractions with it. Whatever figures you use, white or colored, big or small, they steal the attention of the buyers due to their unusual shapes and sizes. So, when you cut it out of the image, the product becomes the dominant figure getting all the attention.

Ghost Mannequin Effect Service Ghost Mannequin Effect Service

2. Provides All-round Visibility:

As plastic dummies hide the inner portion from visibility, it discourages buyers from adding the product to the cart. Our expert invisible mannequin photo editors make sure the images don’t contain anything of the unwanted dummies. As a result, your product gets more attention and escalates sales. 

3. Facilitates Neck Joint:

After removing the mannequin from clothing items, the portion becomes blank. To fix it, a second image from the inner part is added to complete the product image. Without removing the dummy, you cannot add the neck part resulting in an incomplete image and downgrading sales. So, when you joint the neck part flawlessly, it suits the actual product and encourages more sales.

4. Wrinkles Removal:

Clothing items contain wrinkles and become prominent in photos. But it does nothing but degrading the visual appeal making customers unhappy about the appearance. Ghost mannequin services remove distracting dummies and wrinkles to make them uneven and convincing.

5. Symmetrical Alignment:

Placing the clothing items in the center makes them more attractive. Symmetrical corrections in clothing image editing justify the image against grids and make sure they are well-centered all the way around. 

6. Photoshop Liquefy Editing:

Resizing the images in different shapes gives them customized looks. Besides, Photoshop liquify make the curves more tangible. So, when someone inspects the image, it provides the viewer with a personalized feeling that the product is crafted especially for him. Ghost mannequin service reshapes the products and upholds their visual superiority. As a result, it generates better sales and skyrockets brand reputations. 

7. Clothing Image Retouching:

Lens distortions and outdoor conditions may hamper retaining the true color of the apparel products. Using these images gives buyers the wrong message about the products. Consequently, it affects brand reputation. Ghost mannequin and neck joint service fix color issues, readjust contrasts, and do all necessary amendments to invite more buyers.

Ghost Mannequin Effect Service Ghost Mannequin Effect Service

8. 360-Degree Optimization:

360-degree spinning makes apparel images more stunning and inviting. Invisible man image editing service removes mannequins and optimizes the image for a quick 360-degree spinning. As customers can visualize it from every angle, the chances are, it will be added to the cart. 

9. Shadow Creation:

When your garments images contain mannequins, Photoshop shadow creation becomes tricky. As the shadow is created based on the subjects, the mannequin also gets a shadow ruining the vibe. 

.With an apparel image properly optimized and mannequins removed, the shadow is made following the shapes of the clothing items creating outstanding depth and texture

Why Should You Choose Our Photo Editing Services?

We provide several image editing services at the most competitive prices. Our image editors make sure your images are detail-oriented and perfect from every angle, from regular clipping path, background removal, e-commerce product photo editing to high-end retouching and real estate image editing. 

On top, our ghost mannequin services ensure a fast turnaround with 24/7 customer support. Irrespective of your geographical location, you are welcome to contact us anytime for any of your image editing needs.

Besides, we maintain the utmost privacy policy to protect your data at any cost. As we are DMCA protected, rest assured, your information is in safe hands. 

We also offer free photo editing. Assign us 1/2  images to check our expertise. We do not charge a penny for free-trial services, and regardless of type, high-quality image editing is a guarantee. 

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