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Sometimes it needs to go beyond the boundary to present your product images more artistically. While the textures remain in plain sight, creativity must follow to create the hype. Our jewelry photo editing and retouching services help you achieve that at the most competitive prices. We clean dust, remove unwanted background, enhance color, add shadows, and tweak the image to escalate likability among the buyers. So, they get noticed even in a crowd of sellers and ensure boosted sales.

Why Do You Need Professional Jewelry Photo Editing Services?

A product designer spends hours designing a jewelry item. Jewelry product photos need to be as aesthetic as the product itself in real-time. But when you fail to represent that aesthetic value through the images, the chances are you won’t be able to sell the product online. 

Online customers depend on product images when buying a product from any e-commerce store. Hence, you need to use the best product images to entice buyers with visual aesthetics.

Jewelry Retouching Service Jewelry Retouching Service

Product photographers use the best techniques to capture an image, no doubt. However, even the best practice may not generate compelling photos for many reasons.

But, as a retailer, there’s no alternative to high-end product photos if bigger sales are your concern. So, using faulty jewelry photos on the web won’t invite any customers. To attract more customers and make more sales, jewelry photo editing is necessary. Not only does it elevate sales, but it spread positivity about your brand as well. 

Professional jewelry image editing service agencies remove dust, fix blemishes, and enhance temptingness. As a result, your photos become more convincing and win buyers instantly.

What Do Our Jewelry Image Editing Services offer?

We offer the best-in-the-class jewelry photo editing services at the most affordable prices. Our jewelry retouching experts are knowledgeable and achieve your desired results. 

White Background: 

White background is the most sought-after photo editing service in the e-commerce category. Besides, jewellery photographs look awesome on white backgrounds. Our expert jewelry photo editors remove unnecessary backgrounds and add a suitable one to increase its likability. As a result, they look pop when buyers scroll through them and add them to the cart immediately.

Dust/Scratch Removal: 

Jewelry items contain a lot of dust that diminish their attractiveness. Sometimes the dirt in the camera lens and environment make the image look messy. To make your images more look lucrative to the buyers, you need to remove the dirt and available scratches. We have in-house Photoshop experts who can clean the dust and scratches without harming the quality of the stones and jewellery colors. To remove dust from your jewelry images and avail yourself of the best jewelry photo editing services, please contact us today.

Jewelry Retouching Service Jewelry Retouching Service

Reflection Correction: 

Jewelry products are mostly shiny. Lights from different sources easily get reflected on those shiny parts of a jewelry item. Even camera flashes can be reflected on camera stones and chains. As they create distractions, you need to remove camera reflections before you place the image on the web. Our high-end jewelry photo editing service can eliminate reflections and optimize your product images for better visibility. Our skilled photo editors take care of the textures and make sure they are not harmed in any way.

Shadow Optimization: 

Shadows bring life to any object. Without a natural shadow the chances are your product images will look dull and lifeless. Natural shadows are hard to obtain during photography. As an alternative, you can add optimal shadows in post-production. It will bond your products with human emotion, resulting in enhanced sales and engagement. We provide different Shadow making services, including drop shadow, natural shadow, reflection shadow and many more. If you want to make your jewelry images livelier and convincing, do not hesitate to get an instant quote.

Color Correction: 

Colour plays a vital role in influencing buyers to make the purchase. As jewellery products are all about colors and styles, you need to make sure they are correctly optimized. But sometimes, due to some unavoidable situations, your photographer may fail to retain the natural colour of your jewellery products. As they are most likely to disappoint your buyers, you need to maintain the original color and show it to your customers. To help you from photographying again, we offer jewelry color correction services at the most affordable prices. Our skilled product photo editors will retain the lost colors in Photoshop and make it look stunning. As a result, the images will be visually convincing and win more buyers without fail.

Invisible Mannequin:

Jewelry and decorative items like necklaces and wristwatches cannot stand by themselves while the photographer takes photos. Therefore he uses a mannequin or dummy to check the snaps from a perfect angle. Unfortunately, those dummies obstruct the view behind them. To remove those dummies and let buyers enjoy the full view, we use the most sophisticated image editing techniques. Our ghost mannequin or invisible mannequin services carefully extract distracting dummies from any product and remake the part behind them. 

Stone Color Replacement:

Sometimes you may have different jewelry products with the same styles. They may have color variations. As photographing them separately is not feasible, you can consider color change in Photoshop. Our high-quality jewelry image editing services can change stone colors to create multiple variations of a single product.

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