Privacy Policy

Effective as of March 01, 2021.

This Privacy Policy explains that, how we use any personal information we collect about you when you use this website. Please note that we may update this privacy policy from time to time.

Collecting User information

Pixel Photo Editing  obtains only specific and personalized information on its website visitors when such information is supplied voluntarily. We will not forcefully ask you to opt-in to any of our email lists. The user data, including contact information, buying behavior, payment behavior, etc. is solely used by Pixel Photo Editing . We do not sell or reveal user data to any third-party.

Pixel Photo Editing  have security measures in place for protecting data conveyed during a visitor’s purchase. Our employees are required to protect the privacy of such data. We want our visitors and customers to feel that their privacy would be protected when visitors access their account or purchase services from Pixel Photo Editing .

Email Policy

Pixel Photo Editing  will not sell or reveal your emails to anyone third-party unless otherwise authorized by the visitor. In case of advertising to specific email list, we may use your email and other contact information. But, most of the places we host your emails and contact information for online advertisement are safe and secured.

When a customer or visitor receives an email which he\she does not want from Pixel Photo Editing , the customer always can opt-out from further e-mails. Please contact us at for this. Information to determine customer service needs. In the future, we may increase its technical abilities for gathering data about visitors in order to enhance the services offered to visitors and customers.

Cookies Policy

Pixel Photo Editing  values the privacy of its customers and business partners and is dedicated to abiding by all laws pertaining to the protection of personal data. We use cookies to provide better user experience for web elements and resources. Without cookies, some functions of the site may not work properly, e.g. showing custom banners, offers and videos.

Cookies are small files sent from our server to your browser. Cookies are transmitted back unaltered by your browser each time our server is accessed. The data is used for accumulating user selections and follow user trends and search footprints. Cookies do not identify you.Pixel Photo Editing  does not and cannot utilize cookies to recover, particularly identifiable data except if willingly supplied by our visitors. Neither can we acquire data from your hard drive or transmit computer viruses. Cookies also maintain the visitor’s identity while at our web site based on your online behavior. Most browsers opt-in to cookies automatically, but you can alter the settings of your browser to prevent automatic opt-in.

We also use various third party cookies to identify users and usage behaviors. Third party cookies are enabled each time you visit a page or interact with web resources. This helps our team and our various tracking tools to identify the most useful and interesting stuffs for you. Therefore, it helps us to get better insights on user experience and enable us to take necessary actions or corrective measures to provide you the best user experience.

Privacy Policy Updates

This privacy policy will be updated periodically to reflect any such changes to Pixel Photo Editing  practices. If there is any privacy issues or discrepancy, please feel free to email us at . We have the ultimate respect for your copyright and privacy.