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Property photography is a complex job. With so many areas to focus on, the chances are your images look lifeless. There might be inadequate lighting and unnecessary props. Moreover, the property itself can create problems. Scratched walls, shabby background, dusty weather, and untidy lawn can make the image uninviting. 

To fix such distortions, real estate photo editing works like magic. From enhancing colors and removing irrelevant props to correcting perceptions and virtually decorating the empty rooms, real estate image editing helps realtors attract more buyers and sell properties faster.

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Why Do You Need Real Estate Image Editing Services?

Most of the photos in the raw format contain unwanted flaws. As stated earlier, even shabby weather can ruin the beauty of the property images. When you reach out to prospects with your portfolio having mostly gloomy photos, the chances are your clients won’t be convinced. But, with visually stunning property images, there’s no chance you will fail your buyers. 

However, apart from creating new business opportunities, real estate photo editing services benefit property photographer in the below ways — 

Real Estate Photo Editing Services Real Estate Photo Editing Services

1. Greenery attachment

A property with no greenery attachment barely makes it to the final list. So, when you are photographing a real estate property, make sure the greenery elements are correctly focused. But, if there are no such elements available, you can add them in the post-production. For example, our skilled real estate photo editors can attach green lawns, add treelines, and so on. However, this is not to alter the scenario but to demonstrate possible improvement and renovation. 

2. Objects attachment

To cover up the emptiness of the rooms, various household elements can be added virtually. However, buyers don’t like empty spaces as it barely gives a judgemental view of the property. Hence, virtual staging is necessary to demonstrate probable decoration after purchase. While real-life furniture display is expensive, virtual staging in post-production can give a different view to your real estate photos. 

3. Objects removal

While real estate photo editing can add objects virtually, it can remove unnecessary items as well. So, if your property image has any unwanted objects distracting the view, our image editors can remove them without distorting the quality. They can even remake the erased structures behind any object. 

4. Camera reflection elimination

Images captured using a flashlight can cause excessive reflections on shiny objects. This corrupts the appeal of the images. So, a brilliant choice is to avoid using additional lights or follow other techniques that may be expensive. An alternative and cost-effective solution is to remove reflections in post-production. Our real estate photo editing team can eliminate reflections and retain the real texture through Lightroom

5. Sky attachments

Property images look enticing when the sky is clear and sunny. But, different weather conditions may not allow you to take the best shots. On top, you can’t play the waiting game as time is money. Our sky replacement service will remove the gloomy sky and add a bright blue sky to make it livelier. 

Real Estate Photo Editing Services Real Estate Photo Editing Services

7. Photo blending/ HDR blending/ Exposure blending

Real estate photos with the perfect color combinations can be hard to get. Inadequate lighting, room size, and many other factors can obstacle you from getting an adequately lit photo that attracts buyers. Furthermore, as high-tech equipment can be expensive, real estate photographers find it challenging to cope with the situation. To offer a solution, we provide HDR blending services that merge 3/4 different images shot in other exposures into a gorgeous one. 

8. Brightness and contrast adjustment

To enhance the property image, we offer color tweaking and ISO adjustment services. Whether your images are dark or have contrast issues, we can fix the photo at a reasonable price. This way, you can turn your average-looking property images into salable lucrative ones. 

9. Photo perspective correction

If you have shot the image mistakenly from the wrong angle, don’t worry, we can fix it. We have some of the best real estate photo editors in our team who can readjust the perspective accurately. So, if you need such a service, contact our real estate photo editing team without hesitation.

Why Should You Outsource To Our Real Estate Image Editing Services?

Outsourcing to minimize expenditure requires careful vetting as it may make or break your bank. Rest assured, we have the best real estate image editing team to keep your creative flair flourishing. While we edit your images, you can focus more on business expansion and escalate revenue generation.

However, we provide full-fledged image editing and retouching services, including real estate photo editing. From background manipulation and simple sky replacement to HDR blending and virtual staging, we cover all.

While we offer first-class photo editing, our customer service executives are available 24/7 to answer your queries. Starting from only USD 0.49/image or even less, we offer the most competitive pricing. In addition, our trained real estate photo editors can edit your images fast. Hence, our usual turnaround ranges from 12 hours to standard 24 hours. 

As we play by the rules, we believe in data security and utmost privacy. None of your images are reused and distributed without your permission. You are welcome to try out our real estate photo editing services. In case you are still hesitant, try out our Free Trial services.

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