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About Us

About Pixel Photo Editing

Being a full-fledged photo editing and retouching company, Pixel Photo Editing offers Clipping Path, Clipping Mask, Background Removal, Ghost Mannequin, Neck Joint, Shadow Creation, Color Correction, Amazon Infographic, High-end Retouching, and Real Estate image editing service.
Besides, as a plan, the company will soon employ Video Editors and CGI artists to meet the current market demand and ever-growing industry interests.

Irrespective of industries and professional areas, we are open to collaborate with professional photographers, dynamic fashion designers, luxury clothing brands, jewelry shops, cosmetics brands, sportswear manufacturers, iconic automobiles, and even busy outsourcing firms.

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Order & Upload Image

Order & Upload Image

Once we agree on a price, you can place an order immediately. Drag and drop your images to start with the process. Make sure you attach the instructions.
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We will download it from our server. Your images will be forwarded to the designing section where our expert photo editors will optimize them according to the instructions.
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Step 2
Get Set Ready

Get Set Ready

Once forwarded, they will be distributed to the most suited photo editors instantly. Without further ado, rest assured, your images are being edited by now.
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Step 3
Download Images

Download Images

With successful completion, we will re-upload them to your specified destination. You are welcome to download and start using them for any of your purposes.
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eCommerce Business Image Editing Service

Planning to start a project with us but worried about the budget? Leave that to us. Our discount coupon with 10% to a whooping 67% off on selected photo editing services will handle it.
Professional Image Editing Service

Our Featured Services

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Clipping Path Service

E-commerce product photos look stunning in white or plain backgrounds. So, to attract more customers, you need to shoot your images before the white backgrounds.

However, a clipping path service provider can help you apply a white background if you do not have the option to shoot photos on a white background. 

If you are doing product photography or running an online business, you might want to use this service for business profitability.

E-commerce Product Photo Editing

The E-commerce system is here to stay. Either you prepare yourself according to the trend or fade away like a foggy morning clears up when the sun rises. Enough with the fun. Let’s see some statistics. 

According to the data company Statista, global e-commerce retail is expected to grow over 6338 billion in US dollars.


However, back in 2014, it was around 1336 billion US dollars. Quite a whopping number to overlook. To hop on the train, the first step is to switch online. If you are already online, the next step should be to optimize your product images. With the product photos, the potential is endless. And if you are looking for the best photo editor, look no further. We provide the best eCommerce product photo editing services, regardless of volume and turnaround.

Ghost Mannequin Service

In this era of e-commerce, advertising has changed its style. In contrast to local shops around the corner, online apparel stores display images to attract buyers instead of real products. However, apparel images with dummies inside lose their appeal as they create distractions.


To avoid such unfortunate conditions, Photoshop ghost mannequin service is the most feasible option you have. Through the masterful selection of the mannequin, expert photo editors make it vanish, creating a product-only, highly enticing visual.


On top, the neck joint service adds the missed portion around the neck part while photographing. Together, garments product photo editing services create distraction-free, visually appealing, and salable product images.

Photo Retouching Service

Make your photos look elegant through our custom photo retouching services. We ensure the best image post-production services at the most affordable prices. Whether you need to upgrade your image’s aesthetic value or want to make corrections, we can help you do that without crossing your budget. 


Our photo editors will work on skin smoothening, fixing blemishes, eliminating spots, scars, and adjusting skin tones without altering the texture. On top, we will fix lens distortions, ISO grains, readjust brightness, change background, and tweak the colors to prepare your images for editorial publications. From advertising and marketing to e-commerce product photo retouching, we can help you with all of your photo retouching needs at the best prices.

Image Masking Service

Online business stores cannot showcase messy and unattractive products images. It won’t bring them any sales. Moreover, it’s not ideal for a good business reputation. Product photographers use a convenient backdrop before capturing photos. Sometimes there are mistakes, and the products don’t get focused perfectly. Therefore, the photographers need to change the background before he finally presents the image to their clients. 

We help online retailers, and product photographers get professionally edited photos at the best prices. With the guarantee of fast delivery, we make sure your images don’t suffer from poor quality. Contact us today to get an instant quote or submit 1/2 photos to test our quality.

Real Estate Photo Editing

Property photography is a complex job. With so many areas to focus on, the chances are your images look lifeless. There might be inadequate lighting and unnecessary props. Moreover, the property itself can create problems.


Scratched walls, shabby background, dusty weather, and untidy lawn can make the image uninviting. 


To fix such distortions, real estate photo editing works like magic. From enhancing colors and removing irrelevant props to correcting perceptions and virtually decorating the empty rooms, real estate image editing helps realtors attract more buyers and sell properties faster.

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Pixel Photo Editing is your Trusted Photo Editing Partner offering E-commerce Product Photo Editing Service at the Most Affordable Price.

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